What’s so special about our products?

Behind every great product you will find passion and expertise. This is exactly what we value most at Globaltic. We source the best raw materials for production of our charcoal and briquettes at every stage of the manufacturing process to provide barbecue lovers and professionals with exceptional fuels for cooking.


Globaltic is your ultimate guide to the world of top-quality charcoal. We love what we do and our goal is to guarantee best, sustainable and fun to use charcoal to everyone.

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Our charcoal is produced only from the core of the birch trees, giving us great size of lumps to ensure longest burning possible. Many unworthy charcoal producers add unwanted contents to their kilns such as leaves and branches, as well as low-quality trees, which adds weight but no value.

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Our birch, sourced from Karelian forests, is the best material for producing charcoal. It boasts unique heat resistance, giving low content of ash and big lumps. Also, due to its structure, it will not give any unwanted flavours when burned, unlike all other types of wood used for charcoal production.

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The bag

We have our own production line of Kraft paper bags. We only use natural glues and paper is sourced from sustainable forests. Also, we can guarantee that our bag will not tear under any circumstances.


With burning time of 980 sec/cm3, Globaltic charcoal will last you longer than regular charcoal. Heat value of 8500 Kcal/kg allows Globaltic to burn at extremely temperatures for a long time.  After conducting several tests against other types of charcoal present, we have come to the conclusion that 1 bag of Globaltic birch charcoal is worth 1,5 bags of any other lumpwood charcoal currently present at the market.


Cooking food on charcoal is a fun process. However different charcoal will bring different flavour to your food. That’s where the tannins come in. The more there are in the wood, the more bitter and burning flavour you get. Karelian birch we use only has 15% of those, while most other trees have 50-60%. So with birch we can get the food to taste just as it’s meant to.


No harmful elements are released during storage or usage. Raw material is procured exclusively from environmentally responsible suppliers. Package is fully biodegradable and made by using natural glue and paper.

Product specifications

Charcoal gradeA, grade 1
Density, g/cm3Not less than: 0.37
Mass fraction of ash, %Not more than: 3.0
Mass fraction of carbon, %Not less than: 78
Mass fraction of water, %Not more than 6
Mass fraction of rebrands, %Max 2
The mass of 1 dm3 of coal, gNot less: 210
Heating Level, Kcal/kg6800
Burning Time980 sec/cm3